The Pipe

Let us begin by saying that the way to smoke cannabis should be performed by placing the flower in a glass pipe, then light it up and inhale the smoke deep, hold and finally exhale. The purity of the glass and its thermal characteristics guarantee full flavor. Keep your pipe clean for health and flavor, use alcohol or hot water for the task.

Always use strong or quality strains for the greater cause

The human body is a perfect piece of equipment, so keep it intact. If you smoke quality cannabis, you will need to use lower amounts to achieve the appropriate relaxation, with less you achieve more, while preserving your health better; we don’t want you to use cannabis as an escape or to push you towards destruction, we want cannabis to help you find and maximize the nice and positive effect that life exercises upon you.

Storage and Ageing

Certain cannabis flowers will belong to your profound delight, so do the best you can to keep some, smoking them later might be a fine experience, it is here where the ageing process begins too: Grab any clean and dry container (plastic/glass ok) and store it there, away from excessive light at room temperature, then stick a label on it that reads the name of the strain and the current date. Take a picture and keep it for your records. Try to age it for two years, to maximize effect and smoothness, but 6-8 months will suffice for a superior smoke.

Work on your Mother-Mix

With time and ageing, you’ll find a nice collection in front of your eyes, a forest of containers with cannabis flowers, grind them same as when you are making it ready to smoke and mix all of them to create a fine blend, your own. Then let this mix age, the result is superior since each flower leaf has been infused by rubbing against each other creating the effect of a bouquet of a thousand flowers, which translated to recreational cannabis language would be the equivalent of smoking a thousand puffs but in one hit, capable of reaching an amazing effect with a little smoke.

So use your mother-mix and add it to your regular smoke, to enhance effect and flavor, keep the mix growing by adding flowers whenever you can.

The Cannabis Ageing Global Registry

And it is here where the idea is born, we are here to provide you with a nice space so you can keep track of your cannabis ageing goals, upload the pictures and write articles of your cannabis collection while at the same time use it as a platform to share the joy with other enthusiasts that want to exchange and taste different ageing cannabis strains.

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